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Puch Maxi Nostalgia 1976

The Puch Maxi is a moped fitted with a single cylinder, 49cc, two stroke engine. The engine produced 1, 1.5, 2 or 2.4 hp and could propel the rider at speeds of 15.5, 18.6 or 28 mph (48 km/h).It was started using the pedals which could be engaged and disengaged from the engine via a starting lever so it could be ridden as a normal bicycle. Later models did not have pedals, and instead were started with a kick start mechanism.


  • E50 - the classic 49cc Maxi engine with one automatic gear eg. Maxi P
  • Z50 - the same engine with two manual gears eg. Maxi K2
  • ZA50 - the same engine with two automatic gears eg. Maxi L2a

Displacement and top speed

  • 1.0 HP - 20 km/h
  • 1.5 HP - 25 km/h
  • 2.0 HP - 30 km/h
  • 2.4 HP - 48 km/h
  • 3.5 HP - ?? km/h
  • 4.0 HP - ?? km/h


T puch maxi gs

Puch Maxi GS


  • PUCH Maxi N - barebone cheap Maxi
  • PUCH Maxi P - standard Maxi
  • PUCH Maxi E - Maxi with rear suspension
  • PUCH Maxi S - Maxi E with star rims
  • PUCH Maxi L - Luxurious Maxi
  • PUCH Maxi LG
  • PUCH Maxi GS - fast Maxi


  • PUCH Maxi K
  • PUCH Maxi KL - Luxurious Maxi

Special variants:

  • PUCH Maxi N DGR - with star rim (Automatic engine)
  • PUCH Maxi N Chopper (Automatic engine)
  • PUCH Maxi N Off Road (Automatic engine)
  • PUCH Maxi Sport (Automatic engine - Maxi II Plus Seat)
  • PUCH Maxi S Nostalgie (Automatic engine)
  • PUCH Maxi S Chopper (Automatic engine)
  • PUCH Maxi Super S (Automatic engine)
  • PUCH Maxi Turbo Sport 4 geared engine)
  • PUCH Maxi GS - 4 HP - 3 geared engine
  • PUCH Maxi Casablanca
  • PUCH Maxi II Plus (Automatic engine)
  • PUCH Mini Maxi



PUCH Newport

In America the Maxi was sold as PUCH Newport from 1977. And in Canada it was called Bombardier.

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